Games, a form of Art?



So why this debate between Games and Art? (Personally it is not much of a debate)

I was recently was reading an article and stumbled across some interesting views on the topic. Have a read of it if you are interested because I will not be going into depth.

The link below:

Jonathan Jones, The Guardian Art Critic once quoted ’’No one ‘owns’ a game,” he suggested, “so there is no artist, and therefore no work of art”.

Why should only one person have to take ownership of a piece of art? You have a collective group of artists creating stuff all the time.

One of the job roles Subway advertises with them is called a ‘Sandwich Artist’, making and designing baguettes. (Probably off topic, but the word artist is in there:))

Which is taking the complete piss.


I have been playing games for as long as I can remember. Haha, my memory is not that bad, but roughly from the age of 7.

My first games console I owned was a Sega Mega Drive.

’But what about the Snes man’ I can hear you shouting.

Unfortunately I was not too keen on it, but I could see the appeal with it because of the easy game-play it offered and colorful graphics.

Later on, it was the Gameboy, N64 and Playstation consoles for me.

When I was a kid, games were frowned upon and you were a bit of a geek/loser if you played them. But nowadays they are all the rage and look how much time/money and effort is put into them.

Look at how much joy, creativity and imagination they can bring to the user. They have inspired my generation and I am sure they will with generations to come.

I wish I could be frozen in time like the ‘Demolition Man’ and defrosted in the future to see how games have adapted and progressed along with the times.

Games are constantly mentioned in the media, for good and bad reasons,but I don’t want to cover that just now.


Just like at a game studio, you have people from all over the world working on it. These people are often from a multicultural background. But yet they can come together and cultivate their audience with their imagination and creativity.

To me that is a form of art in a nutshell🐿

I like how Keith Stuart responded to this critic in his article. One of the below paragraphs is good one.

‘It is possible to argue, of course, that all art is interactive; it is there in the very act of interpretation. The artist is never the soul arbiter of meaning, and artists, like game designers, build structures through which they communicate rather than dictate.’

To sum up.

I don’t appreciate your stereotypical art painting like some people. But i can have an opinion on if it looks nice, but I don’t get the overwhelming feelings of ‘What was the artist feeling at the time of the painting’ etc..

But art can be appreciated in many different forms and interacted with on so many levels.

Some of the games today are very visually stunning with the colour palettes they use and technology today. They almost look like moving paintings.

I would like to give a shout out to Coldwood Interactive and their team for creating Unravel.

This was one of the most recent ‘Indie’ art games i played. It was emotionally stimulating, great to look at and easy to play.

If you have a game to recommend, let me know.

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