What makes us happy?

Family, friends, relationships, material items?

I used to have an ideology of happiness. That there should be certain things in my life.

For me this created a false sense of pressure, something that has taken me years to understand and come to terms with.

When I was young I was very much known for cruising through life. I wasn’t one to feel pressure and that I was very much for going with the flow. I definitely felt stressed from time to time, but was this because of what other people/society expected of me?

From a young age we are forced to think about our future, what careers we should have or what we should have in our lives to be seen as successful.

But just because you are successful doesn’t mean that you will be happy either.

After my experiences I have realized that it is quite hard to find a job that you are completely satisfied with. I remember my parents comparing me to Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the film ‘Catch me if you can’. This was because I changed jobs like the wind. (Not that they thought i was some kind of con artist, haha)

What exactly was I looking for? (But yet again, U2 still haven’t found what they are looking for:))

I suppose this is quite a common occurrence when I have talked to people around me.

However, I have always been a diverse person and liked trying new things. But this ideology that I had of happiness has dampened that bright spark I had. However, it is only recently that my eyes are starting to open up and that I shouldn’t put so much stress on myself.

I noticed this because I would be unpleasant sometimes to the people closest to me, either it be with my relationships, friendships and family. I struggled with communication and being able to express myself properly. Not because I was blind to it, but because I almost felt trapped.

So how would I stop this? by improving the environment around me?

For me to be happy I think it is important to fulfill that creative side inside of me. We all have that natural instinct in all of us.

No matter what job I had, I would always feel tired when I came home, so I didn’t really have the energy to fulfill this side. But now I am coming to terms that sometimes a job is a job, sometimes you need to give places an opportunity to grow. (Plus it gives me some money:))

Maybe somewhere down the line we get that dream job.

The important thing to me is how you spend your free time and if you are lucky enough to have a job that you love then that is always a plus.

Playing games has always made me happy, I have been told that maybe I should look for a career in this industry. But at the same time, I am now content with my job as it is pretty laid back and now that I feel appreciated there, it is easier to focus on other meaningful things.

However, I will be working or have been working on that game app that I have talked about for sometime, working on this blog as I am kind of liking this writing stuff. Travelling to different destinations (However I have always liked this:)) and seeing friends and family when I can.

Everything else like wanting an apartment, maybe kids, a dog. These things will eventually happen, but I know now not to stress myself out and that I should just be happy:)

I am lucky to have so many wonderful and interesting characters in my life, you just have to watch out for those dodgy stones on that pathway towards happiness.

So fill your circle with friends, partners and family who have positive energy, but also don’t forget to bring a bit of happiness to each others lives.


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