Into the wild

So my first hike post.

This wasn’t so much like the movie ‘Into the wild’ that was directed by Sean Penn, but more like a stroll through one of Sweden’s many national parks starring an enthusiastic tree lover.

But don’t you worry, I didn’t have to eat any poisonous berries to survive. So I live to see another day and annoy you with another post.

I would like to mention that I think people who live over here take for granted the natural beauty Sweden has to offer. So get out there more and see what Sweden has to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Soooooo, I have always been a fan of the countryside, so living over here at the moment feels like a kid in the candy store sometimes. I have been spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what scenic area I should see next.

On this occasion it was the national park of Söderåsen, which is in the south of Sweden.

I had the privilege of taking the hike with a couple of friends, they do say that moments are more appreciated when you have someone to share them with. Saying that, I have been on hikes by myself with me, myself and I. We would get into arguments sometimes, but often enough agree on things at the end, haha.


We decided to do the path ‘ Hjortsprångsrundan’. Which was described as a relatively easy walk, which was handy due to the time-frame of a few hours that we set for ourselves. In total I believe it was about 10km, which is your daily exercise intake according to the people in white jackets, they are doctors if I have to clarify that.

Skärmavbild 2016-10-03 kl. 13.53.42

The park entrance and routes to take were visibly labelled, so it was quite easy to navigate the trial and the camp facilities. No need for a compass here or trying to distinguish the position of the sun in the sky to find your way back.

I didn’t exactly come dressed to impress either, I was wearing my swimming shorts and a t-shirt that resembled one of the mobsters in ‘Scarface’.  So this trail was quite suitable for new beginners, or to anyone who fancies a walk with the local wildlife.

There was not much need for any of us to carry much water either because along the trail there were water springs scattered about. So there is no need for one of you to be the water donkey.

hike 4

So having empty bottles on this hike was perfect, or for the unprepared walkers, even better, haha.

During the walk we came across various forms of wildlife, either it be small lizards, birds and even a snake. The tree line was buzzing with wildlife and the leaves made a constant rustling sound with animals making a run for it because of my clown shoes approaching.

We made several pit stops along the way because there were a few viewpoints to experience. The first one was not a disappointment and therefore we decided to eat some lunch here. It reminded me a little of the tree line in the movie ‘Last of the Mohicans’. I was just waiting for Daniel Day Lewis to run by with his rifle and calmly say ‘Don’t mind me folks, enjoy your cheese sandwich’.

hike 7

After our break we decided to continue our crusade and follow the trail towards the Holy Grail. We didn’t come across too many people either, but I had the feeling that this park attracted numerous nationalities because there were multiple languages getting spoken when we passed by. (The way this world should be)

Convenient rest/toilet breaks are located along the route, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught short in the bushes and accidentally picking up that poison ivy by mistake:)

Before I get sidetracked, we didn’t struggle at any point of the walk, wooden planks made it easy on our feet. I just feel sorry for the person who carries these mysterious planks out to the middle of nowhere to construct a pathway. Not that this yellow brick road was paved the whole way, you do get to stumble across ankle-spraining small rocks, small river bridges and if you are really wild you can go of course and trample on the leaves.

Generally this was a peaceful and scenic trail. Which sums up the general idea people have of the forestry here in Sweden, but maybe with a quarter of a cherry on top:)

I won’t go into too much detail as this is my first hike post and didn’t have my notepad with me. What’s that you saying? ‘Bloody amateur’ haha. However I hope to improve in the future with details and my style of writing.

If you are interested, the link to the park is below:

There is the option to change language, so don’t you worry you privileged English speakers out there, haha:) (I count myself in that one)

Thanks for reading

Idiotabroad over and out

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