Please don’t leave Summer

We all love summer. People are so much happier when the sun is out and about. Especially here in Sweden because of the long winter months.

If seasons were people, Winter would be a member of the undead (Zombie). You try to avoid it, but no matter what way you approach it keeps coming back with a bite worse than the one before.

Spring would be that cool/fresh new person at a party. You like getting to know them and you are easily distracted by their charm and charisma.

Summer is that new person who comes into your life, nothing else matters.

However, we can’t forget about Autumn, they would be one your friends or partner who has their flaws. But they are manageable because they have a colorful personality, a nice person and generally have a good heart, haha.

Now back to summer, but maybe not as far back as to the ‘Summer of 69’, haha.

When the sun is shining, it attracts all walks of life. I don’t know where all these people come from, literally they come out of the wood work or the cave they have been hibernating in.

For example, we all love that beer in the sunshine, but sometimes you are lucky to get a spot in the sun so that you can drink that sweet sweet nectar.

I think to myself ‘My friends and I drink all year round, shouldn’t we have some kind of a reserved seat for when we have finished work, dedicated customers no matter the season, haha’.

In any case, it has it’s charm because you come across so many different people as you are swimming through waves of people to the bar.

However, the summer is not just for drinking. It’s a great excuse to get outside, maybe visit places you haven’t been before and experience different things. There seems to be something going on any day of the week. I have to admit, I have been a bit slow or not in the know with Facebook events. But this is a great way on how to keep an eye on interesting things in your area.

For me, summer is about having that swim, either it be fresh or salt water. I have never been that kind of person who roasts like a leg of lamb under the sun.

In my past life I believe I was a fish, I could float around for hours. If you are in my company at the beach or by a lake and I disappear, look towards the water, I am probably reenacting a Merman or sitting like a Siren on a rock, haha.

‘Finding Jamie’










Personally i think you are your true happy self during the summer. Of course you can still be a bit down but I think with the sun shining it makes it a bit easier to forget about things. This is the case because you are probably distracted by friends/family, at a concert somewhere, off on holiday, all the good things in life.

But we can’t forget about the food…………………..

I believe a majority of people can be more creative with their cooking skills. Instantaneously you think that you are in one of those tropical countries and start using fresh summer ingredients and your plate looks like it contains every color of the rainbow. Your taste-buds will thank you, but maybe not your wallet as it can be an expensive habit cooking like this every night. But at the same time, eating during the summer can be cheap, the heat numbs my appetite and sometimes I would just be happy with a salad. (Or maybe a bag of nuts and a beer, haha)

Another plus is that the city begins to buzz. Food markets are sprawling on every square, street performers around every corner and music getting pumped out of every window.

For me, it even makes it easier going to work. It probably helps that with my line of work I get to be out and about, any excuse to be working on the ventilation units located on the roof. However I am a bit unsure about the confused birds outside my window during the summer nights. They are chirping away no matter the time because of the bright nights.


However, the summer can have its disadvantages. For me, it is those dam mosquitoes. I don’t know what it is with me, but when I have been bitten it is like a golf ball has been slipped underneath my skin. I remember a time when I was up in the North of Sweden, we were suppose to check out this tree house hotel. Of course it is was set in your scenic Scandinavian forest, but during the walk up there I attacked by these flying beasts and lucky to escape with my life, haha. If anything, I resembled Jeff Goldblum’s character in ‘The Fly’, haha.

Jeff Goldblum – The Fly

I would of posted a more disturbing scene, but I am sure a majority of people have seen this movie, so you get the idea.

Another underlying beast during this season are the ‘Ticks’. If you are like me and like exploring the countryside and foraging in the forest, then you would know about these little creatures. In my eyes you could almost compare these insects to the snake in the garden of Eden. If you are going to pick these forbidden berries from the sacred bush then suffer the consequences. Just be aware of TBE, which attacks the nervous system. It’s rare, but you can be vaccinated for it, but it cannot be treated, so maybe worth getting a jab in the arm.

But don’t let me put you off, you can always dress for the occasion.

Bubbleboy – Jake Gyllenhaal


On a happier note, read the wise words of Will Smith below and listen to his classic track, haha

‘ Summer. summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind’

Have a great Summer, but….. Winter is coming…….


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