Into the wild, again?

Its been a while since my last post. That is not because I haven’t been bothered, haha. As I am sure some of you thought it was a short lived idea, haha;)

However I have not been able to sit down at my laptop and get something together. This summer has been great, full of activities. Either it be a friends bachelor party or visiting friends and family.

Anyway, I managed to squeeze in a hike during July before I disappeared. I was lucky enough to go on this pilgrimage with my good friend John. If you are reading this John, you are now famous!

We decided to venture to a nature reserve called Fegen Naturreservat. It is about one and half hours drive from Gothenburg inland. (The link to the park website is below)

Fegen Nature Reserve

However you do have to pass through Ullared. Words of wisdom, avoid like the plague, haha. There is a shopping center there which attracts all walks of life, but most of shoppers reminded me more of the undead, haha.

Yes, that is me with the baseball bat

Eventually we arrived at our destination after facing wave after wave of zombies. We were lucky to arrive intact.

However, it was a bit unclear where one can park their car. We decided to drive down this rocky road which reminded me of the film ‘Wrong Turn’. Especially because we passed these 2 locals with shovels in their hands, digging or burying, we can’t really remember and wasn’t exactly going to stick around to ask, haha.

But we settled down in the middle of the park at a place near Sandvik.

Anyway, it was fairly late, so we didn’t have much time to set up camp. Lucky enough we came across a dream stop.


It was idealistic,  a sandy beach cove, calm waters and not another soul around. It didn’t take us long to start up a fire, unfortunately we have not mastered the trick with sparking flints together or rubbing 2 sticks together. However matches work just as well, haha.

We listened to music, drank wine and went skinny dipping until the sun set. So i definitely got an eye full of 2 moons out that night, haha.

Being this far from the city is great because you can really appreciate the night sky. The stars are clearer, no noise and looking out across the lake and not seeing another light was something special.

We woke up the next morning relatively fresh, haha. It seems that I set up my tent on the one rock throughout the beach, so you can say it was a ‘rocky sleep’ (snap, haha)

I had a route in mind for the day, it was part of the Gislavedsleden trail. We wasn’t planning on a massive hike, just enough to experience the countryside. As beautiful as it was it was pretty hard to navigate because the path was mostly overgrown.

Talk about needing a machete

The path was made even harder because John brought along a million small bags, he looked like a donkey walking the hills, haha.

However, we persevered, i think it was one of the hottest days of the year. But lucky enough most of the trail was covered by treeline and as you can see from the picture above, bush, lots of bush. It was also a breeding ground for ticks, but lucky enough I was wearing my sexy elk leggings. But you would get the odd ant running up your shirt, maybe that is a lie, more like a swarm of ants, haha.

IMG_2700 (1)

The walk was relatively peaceful, the sounds of birds chirping away, but apart from that no other wildlife. There were plenty of birds because apparently there was a protected bird sanctuary in the nature reserve.

Behind the tree is the bird sanctuary

After passing this sanctuary we came across our next base camp. It was quite hot, so this rest stop turned into a permanent stop, haha. But we couldn’t argue, it was another great location. So we basically set up our tents, went swimming, had some lunch and tried to have an afternoon nap in the sweltering heat. A black tent and 30 degrees outside is a recipe for the disaster, haha.


However, i didn’t nap much. I went for a small walk and perched myself on a rock somewhere. Being out in the wild is definitely refreshing for the mind. I even noted down some ideas for this blog and future ones.

On my return John was awake and we were both pretty thirsty. But along the trail there were no watering holes. All of a sudden a random guy appears from the woodland, I shit you not, and says ‘There is a water station back the way you came at Sandvik’ hahaha. So much for not seeing another soul on this walk. However he said that he had a summer cabin in the middle of the woods. He was a sketchy person, on him leaving he casually said  ‘ We don’t get many tourists around here’ and then strolled back into the woods, haha.

It was definitely a scene from a horror movie because John came across one lonely strip of duct tape while swimming. However, we couldn’t stop laughing, haha.



We never did get that water and decided to boil some of the lake water and make some fruit tea. Even though the body of the lake is fairly large, they always say to boil it just to be on the safe side. Or you can buy pills to put in the water to make it drinkable. By that, i mean a bottle of water and a pill, not the sachet of pills into the whole lake, haha.

We pretty much repeated the same process from the night before. Make a fire, eat, drink, listen to music and the occasional deep talking:)

To sum up the hike, i was wasn’t too impressed with the trail that we did. But yet again we only did a small section and was only out here for a couple of nights. The nature reserve is huge, it is just trying to find the time to do them. But it was a good glimpse of natural beauty, a mix of the coastal beaches in western Sweden but around a lake. Definitely worth a quick trip to the area we did, especially a romantic one with your partner:)

Until next time readers, the truth is out there………


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