End of Summer, new dawn?

Good evening readers.

Ready for another installment. (I didn’t mean to make that line sound like the Crypt Master from ‘Tales from the Crypt’)


As i would like to think that the stuff I am writing is not too horrifying to read, haha. (For a start, he has more hair than me and better stories to tell)

I am writing this while the sun is setting outside my window. I should be making the most of it before it slowly disappears from my life day by day for the next 6 months, haha.

So yes, it is nearly the end of the summer and almost the start to the long dark roller-coaster of the Swedish winter. But I shouldn’t get too depressed yet, we still have the beautiful Autumn and its colors to enjoy.

Saying that I have managed to squeeze in a swim the last couple of weeks. Any excuse to get my speedo’s on, haha. Which has been a pleasant surprise for this time of year. But you can definitely tell that not everyone is as keen to have a dip because at the lake it was me (my new room mate, a surprising addition) and some random guy wearing a wet suit. According to him it must of felt like the Arctic, but it was pleasant enough to swim in. Saying that I didn’t feel my private parts for a week after, haha.

I ended the summer with a best friends wedding. It was a great day, well thought out and executed to perfection, most definitely a day to remember. It was a viking themed wedding, but not your usual pig roast feast to the surprise of many. But it had a modern twist to fit in with today’s society and their eating habits. By that i mean it was a vegan/vegetarian feast, some of the meat eaters got the shakes, but they enjoyed it never the less. I was lucky enough to be a best man, so it was nice to experience a wedding while having responsibilities and seeing first hand the amount of effort that goes into the big day.

image (2)

Will I have a big day myself? who knows, I am surprised that I haven’t got married at one the many small chapels in Las Vegas with the amount of times I have been there. Even though I say I will never return after every trip, haha. But at the same time, I don’t feel so rushed or to have expectations on something, I have learn’t from my mistakes. (So I keep telling myself when it comes to my relationships and people I meet)

It was surprisingly a good Summer, stag party, visiting family and friends, a wedding and plenty of drinking with the perfect weather. (Something i need to cut down with, but a beer and sun go hand in hand, but yet again drinking through the winter helps as well, haha)

I managed to go on a couple of hikes. So I think I am still on target for trying to share my experience with the nature reserves here once a month.

Everyone is pretty much back into their working routines, I suppose that is why you see so many glum faces in the street, haha. But for me I am glad to be back at work, I like some routines, otherwise Me, Myself and I can struggle to come to terms with what to do on a daily basis, haha.


But the fun is not over, there are still a couple of concerts to go to and I will be making a journey back to the motherland for my Nan’s 80th birthday party. This will be held in Liverpool, maybe that is why I am fond of Gothenburg which is another harbor city. Even though I am from the outside of London, I have always been attracted to the water.

For those of you who have experienced the Winters here, you know they can be tough. It is best to try and stay active. But i have also started to take vitamin D tablets eat healthier, such has dark green vegetables, so I manage to get through the days just fine. (According to me never the less, I don’t know how other people interpret my behavior, haha)

But there is a lot going on in Sweden with it being the end of the Summer, this is mainly because of the upcoming elections. I haven’t been so much involved with politics, but I like to stay in the loop. For a start have you seen how the politicians present themselves in the Houses of Parliament. How are we suppose to take these clowns seriously? not to mention all the political scandals that consume the media.


Here in Sweden I do not have the right to vote on a national level. So I can pretty much vote on a party who would benefit me locally. (Such things like if I want more trees planted in the area or having more cycle paths, haha) Nowadays I would consider myself a Feminist with a hint of being environmentally friendly, believe it or not, haha.

Who are we suppose to believe in nowadays? I say believe in yourself and do what you feel is right. (By this I mean follow the 10 commandments and you should be fine, haha;))

I have been slowly *Swedified*, so yes, I do take Snus from time to time, haha.

So we will see how Sweden views their country next Monday 10th September.

Thanks for reading and stay classy Gothenburg!!!


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