Me, myself and a tree

Well its been a while.

But I have been out and about, I don’t just sit in my room bouncing a ping pong ball against the wall, haha, or do I? It’s funny because it could be true. (Please help me!)

I thought I would keep it closer to town so that people can maybe go and see what I talk about:)

There is a nature reserve not too far away from Gothenburg, it is called Sandsjöbacka naturreservat. It is 23km away from Gothenburg, on the way down to Kungsbacka.

For me its a great excuse to pop down there on the weekend if I am not up to much just to have a quick walk. Or to clear the head, we all have to do that from time to time. I have copied a link to the website below that includes the trails you can do.


This is only one section of the park, so there is plenty that I have not walked.

For you Swedes, it is a great place to ‘Fika’, or any other nationalities for that matter. We are not racist here in Sweden (Hmmm, not according to the recent elections, haha).

So ignore the white men in cloaks and burning crosses when strolling through this natural beauty if you can.


Who wouldn’t want a coffee here? or maybe you can sit under the tree and wait for an apple to fall on your head. The next Sir Isaac Newton in the making, haha. There are still some things to be discovered, I don’t know what, but I sit under this tree many times waiting for an apple to knock some sense into me, haha.


I normally take the red trail, which takes about an hour, or two. Or maybe you could go off track if you are feeling wild. I walk like a snail because I like hugging the trees as I walk, but if you are quick, then you could break the local record, haha.

But maybe take a compass in case you get lost, because everything can look the same, haha. However, often enough there are other walkers, so you are not completely out in the sticks.

The park is your typical Swedish countryside, tall trees, bush, berries, more bush. But this doesn’t mean it is bad on the eyes, sometimes things can be seen over and over. (This doesn’t mean checking yourself out in the mirror constantly)

I don’t mind seeing the same area more than once, if that means that I have some kind of disorder, haha. But it is a disorder that I will gladly live with.

The trails cross over some farmland, but don’t you worry about getting chased off by a farmer with a pitch fork, or getting shot at. You have ‘Every Mans Right’, I suppose this rule applies to women as well, so maybe the term needs updating, haha.

Here is a little secret for you, during July to October (ish) you will find alot more mushrooms for the picking here. I suppose people who live in or near the city raid Delsjöområdet. That is why I am only left with the magic mushrooms I suppose, but I am not complaining, haha.

There are also plenty of berries etc… so you will never have to do food shopping for the entire Summer and early Autumn period.


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