New year, new possibilities?

I don’t know if it still acceptable to say Happy New Year as we are at the end of February. However, I haven’t been typing recently, but as the weather is changing so is my mood maybe, haha.

All this can be a waste of time in any case, not like anybody reads my divine words of wisdom, haha. So for my own mental well being, maybe for you future readers just give it a thumbs up or down in the comments section. (or if you are too embarrassed to let the world know that you read my stories, just drop me a private message, thanks)

Time flies by

Otherwise I will be typing myself to death until the end of time, haha. At least I can laugh at my own words, so at the end of the day I am good at entertaining myself.

However, I do have a good reason for disappearing off the radar. I seem to have a new girlfriend in my life who has been occupying my mind. So all those hiking trials I promised have been replaced with romantic walks and trying to impress her in the kitchen instead, haha. But now that I have buried her in the forest, I can continue like before, haha.

But I won’t bore you with that development in my life, maybe in the future;) However the New Year has given me another shot at love, haha, but I have a good feeling about this one.

So I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, I was back in the motherland visiting the family. Which is always great seeing my lovely parents who spoil me like they haven’t seen me in years. But unfortunately that is the reality when you are living in another country. However, I think of it like this, I look forward to the times that we will spend together instead of thinking about the times that we don’t hang out. Does that make me cold?

Anyway…. I should focus on the headline for this post. New Year, new possibilties. As per usual, what is your New Year resolution? Time is a currency, so why wait for the usual time of year to do something new. I have never been the biggest fan of New Year. The over priced ticket to go into your local pub, or what way way will I break in the new year. The normal scenario is at the bottom of a bottle, haha.

Happy New Year

However, I do believe setting yourself targets. But I like to try and do this at any point of the year. But our minds work in mysterious ways, so sometimes it is good to have a benchmark when you want to achieve something.

For example, those mysterious hiking trials I thought I would be reviewing. Maybe I should be more realistic, when the weather is better, most likely Spring I will be back out there seeing what the Swedish nature has to offer.

Bring on the New Year and what it has to offer, until next time my disciples.

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