How time flies when your having fun?

Look at that, a whole year has past since my last entry.

Do my words now drift off into the wind? Do my pigeons carry my messages without ever landing? haha.

However according to my reader stats, there are people who like to read what I have to say, world wide phenomenon right here.

At the end of the day writing is a form for me to get the thoughts out of my head so I can concentrate on other things. A routine that I need to get back into. So I hope to update this blog from time to time, either it be with my hikes, general thought processes or just random ramblings.

So what have I done the past year you may ask?

Got engaged, been on amazing trips, got a dog, trying to build up friendships, new job and finally a home I have been waiting for. But does it sound as glamorous as it should do?

There have been many hobbies that I have wished to take up, either it learn how to play the guitar, continue writing, be more active, be a better partner. We should stop putting so much pressure on ourselves, it is ok to have goals, but manage them in a way that can be accomplished.

Don’t rush, take your time and don’t compare yourself with others. We are individuals for a reason and have different limits. It is easy to be overwhelmed.Otherwise you might end up in a pickle.

I believe I did not conquer the inner darkness of depression I had many years ago as it has affected my daily routines and effected future and on-going relationships. I would of liked to think that I was better equipped after my experiences but it is funny how the dark passenger decides to reveal itself.

When you start getting angry about minor things or start switching off from reality, take a step back and start to take control.

It doesn’t only affect you, but people around you, it has a domino affect. It is easy for me to say, but putting it into action is easier said than done.

Depression/Mental illness is an ongoing topic but not discussed enough I believe, we are led to believe how perfect everyone’s lives are. But do not be fooled, there is a story behind every picture that people like to share online.

Have a read about depression if you so wish:

However, saying that. I have seen a lot of Instagram stories and news articles recently in regarding to helping people through this time of COVID isolation. It is a strange concept to lose your freedom. Our generation and my parents generation have not really experienced this. The closest thing to isolation nowadays is Sunday morning with a hangover watching Netflix. So when you are actually forced to be inside, it can be a troubling time for many.

It is OK to be vulnerable, I often portray myself as invincible, but we all need reassurances and help to get by. Only the terminator is indestructible, or… haha

Don’t forget to love yourself and those around you.

Take a second and ask how a friend is or how a family member is. Some of us are better at talking than others. I am a sociable character and know how to talk and keep a conversation. But I must say that I struggle to talk on a emotional level sometimes. Ignore this beautiful face of mine, haha, there is often more to say behind the eyes.

It is not too late, your friends, family and partners love you for a reason, we are all there for each other.

In Sweden it has been fairly laid back with the lockdown. It doesn’t mean to say that they haven’t taken some measures. But pubs, cafes and many public venues remain open. So we have been lucky in a way to go about our ‘normal’ lives.

I believe the recent COVID crisis has helped with strengthening bonds between people from a distance. We possibly talk to our family members even more than before. Will this change relationships we have with them for the future or is it temporary? only time will tell.

I would also like to send out my condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one during this crisis.

Life is a challenge, with many ups and downs. Learn to ride it, so build yourself a good carriage, haha.

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  1. Great article! You are right – this current crisis will affect so many people on so many different levels and we have a duty to check on our family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues – just to see if they are ok. It doesn’t take a lot to be kind. Stay safe and well yourself – you are fabulous! X


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