Escape to the green

So, it looks like Spring is on the way, sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah, sounds like a good song.

As the weather is getting better, I thought I would mention or recommend some places to visit around Göteborg if you feel like escaping.

You can get around on the bus if you feel like brushing up against some other wary travelers in Bio-hazard suits. But as we are in Sweden, the ratio seems to be 50/50 with the mask wearing, or more like 75/25. There have been times when people would look at each other awkwardly and question ‘Should I be wearing a mask right now?’.

Ride a bike if you have one or take a long pilgrimage.

We all need to escape reality sometimes and there is no better way than treating the body and mind to some of that sea air.

First stop is Stora Amundön

This is my neighborhood, but you do not have to worry about what gang colors to wear. However, if you want to fit in with the locals, you can wear white trousers and a cardigan, haha.

Apparently, it takes 57 minutes from the center of Göteborg, even though it is only 15km away. With car it takes about 20 minutes, with bike, who knows, but good exercise, haha.

If you are lucky you might see me from the balcony of my apartment at the back of ICA, swinging away on some weird seat hammock thinking about life, haha. However, hopefully that is not the case as I should be out myself, haha.

Stora Amundön is a beautiful spot all year round, but it starts to shine when the weather gets better. There is a quick loop around the island if you want a brief walk. But it is very common to find a spot and take in the landscape around.  

Either it be for a Fika or a one-time BBQ, sausage sales must be through the roof now because it seems like people only eat hot dogs on the weekend. But lets to be honest, who can eat them. they look like a dogs toy, haha.

I prefer a good old-fashioned sandwich, or just a bag of nuts wishing that I took something more to eat, haha.

In the summer, the place comes alive with people, swimming or just generally hanging out. There is even a snorkeling trail along the coastline, I have not seen anyone do it yet. Who would? It would be like swimming through a bathtub of jelly fish, if you manage to avoid getting stung, then bring a machete with you to cut through all the seaweed blocking your path. If you are lucky, you might see a crab or lost treasure in the form of a beer can that one of the ‘d..kheads’ have thrown into the sea after a session in the sun.

There is also some nice property on the waterfront down there if you like looking at houses and picturing yourself in one of them. Time you’re staring just right, you want to avoid that awkward glance with the owner when peering into their garden, haha.

Second stop is Sjöbacka (Tippen)

This is probably a little easier to get to, as it 35 minutes away from the center of Gothenburg and in the direction of Saltholmen and quite easy to get to from Västra Frölunda.

There is a small park to walk around, popular for dog walking. But us humans can also walk each other as well, or should I say with, leave the collar and lead to be used behind closed doors at home, haha.

There are trails going off in different directions. You can walk around the harbor, check out the small boat huts, or go up and down the coastline.

I believe you can rent kayaks from here. I myself have an inflatable kayak, so if you ever see a yellow banana out on the water, it is probably me. If you see that the yellow banana is a little too far away from the coastline, then I need some help and you should probably call the coastguard, haha.

Third stop is Hisingsparken

This is another relatively easy place to get to, I believe you can take a tram the whole way (33 minutes). So, no need to burn yourself out on that bike getting there to begin with.

There are a mixture of nature walks among the trees, around some lakes (no surprise there). You might even see some animals. By animals I do not mean the great Swedish lynx, bear, or the famous moose. More like the odd sheep, cow or horse.

On the outskirts of the park, it is nice to see those shed communities where they grow vegetables, purple poppies, green plants that smell divine. Wait a second, the more I think about, the more suspicious it sounds, haha.

Final stop for now is Vättlefjäll Naturreservat

Just to point out, when I suggest them as ‘Stops’, does not mean I expect you to do them all in one day, haha.

I would take a day at each spot.

This is another relatively easy place to get to, I believe you can take a mix of tram and bus the whole way (49 minutes).

It can be accessed from north of Angered and this Naturreservat is huge, but of course there are marked trails. Or if you like living on the edge, you can go off the path a little. Just remember to take a compass or leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind you which will often enough be eaten by a bird. So probably not the smartest suggestion I have recommended.

I think living in Göteborg we are spoilt for choice for nature around us.

I hope these suggestions are helpful, do not worry, these suggestions are free of charge, haha.

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